The Effect of Talent Management on Job Satisfaction in Lebanese Universities-Nabatieh

  • Ghadeer Jaffal School of Business, Lebanese International University, Lebanon
  • Malak Aoun School of Business, Lebanese International University, Lebanon
  • Abbas Issa School of Business, Lebanese International University, Lebanon
Keywords: Talent Management; Job Satisfaction


Talent management is the key operational system of a company. It is related to human resource planning that improves workers ' effective performance. Efforts have been created to attract, develop, encourage and retain workers to make them part of talent management and strategic planning. Talent management contributes to better work results and employee satisfaction rather than recruitment, reinforcement and evaluation of aptitude. The aim of the research is to assess the effect of talent management in Lebanese universities in South Lebanon on job satisfaction. A study was conducted among three universities in South Lebanon using a quantitative method. A sample of 217 employees was designated and primary data was randomly collected using two techniques, mainly online and self-administered questionnaires. Only 105 complete questionnaires were returned and results were analyzed using SPSS software. Through Pearson correlation and regression analysis tools, research hypotheses were confirmed. The findings indicated that talent management generally has a significant and positive impact on job satisfaction. The limitations of this study include a narrow geographical area and a restricted sample size. Future studies are advised to empirically extend research and to study a variety of efficient methods for talent management.